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Septic Systems Installation in Somerset, PA

Leasock Excavating Provides Unmatched Septic System Services

It is natural to not think of the septic system, but it is an important part of homes and businesses. When septic systems become problems, they certainly grab the attention of homeowners, landlords, business owners, and managers. Leasock Excavating has been taking care of problems with septic systems and installing new systems in Somerset, PA, and the surrounding region for more than two decades. Our septic systems experts use our excavating equipment and knowledge to clear the land and install or repair the necessary tanks and lines underground. Do not hesitate to call us in Somerset, Cambria, and Westmoreland County at (814) 444-1156 when you need septic system services.

Do Not Let Failing Septic System Become Major Headaches

Leasock Excavating knows septic system issues can be stressful for families and businesses. Problems can seem minor, but they can become major headaches if left to fester. Foul odors near the septic tank, sewage backing up into household drains, including sinks, tubs, and showers, and health problems like dizziness and nausea are just some of the signs of septic system problems. Putting off calling us or any other contractor can become costly financially and physically for homeowners and business owners.

Signs of Malfunctioning Septic Systems Include:

Our Detail-Oriented Team is Ready to Begin

Before Leasock Excavating installs a septic system for a new home, we prepare the site before digging begins. We identify the appropriate site for the septic system. Once we have completed the site prep and identified the site, we begin excavating the property. Our team is highly skilled, detail-oriented, and familiar with permits and city codes in what can be a time-consuming, messy, and difficult procedure. We are fully licensed and insured for septic system excavating services. Contact us for a free estimate on septic system installation or repair.